Rollors Tailgating Game

Instead of playing the same old tailgate games, bring Rollors to your next tailgating party for an added twist of fun.

What Makes Rollors One of the Best Tailgating Games on the Market?

  • Great for Groups - Rollors can be played with multiple players per team, making it perfect for casual hangouts with large groups of people. 

  • Easy to Learn - Rollors is easy for anyone to learn, which makes it loads of fun for new players and veterans alike. Although skill does play a part, the game's element of luck allows new players to jump right in a game and challenge seasoned players right away.

  • Entertaining - The average tailgating party lasts 3-4 hours. Rollors stands the test of time. Goals can be shifted with the start of each round, making each game different and challenging. You can also mix and match teams, creating a tournament type play that can last as long as you like. Players can even rotate in and out of play, allowing people to eat and mingle during the length of the party. 

  • Simple to Transport - Rollors takes up minimal space in the back of your car, meaning you can take it just about anywhere and still have room for the rest of your gear.

  • New and Different - Most other tailgating activities have been around for a long time. Rollors is fresh and exciting and will make your party stand out.


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