Rollors Beach Game

Throw Rollors into your beach bag to bring a whole new element of fun to your day. You'll see why Rollors is giving standard beach games a run for their money. 

What Makes Rollors an Ideal Choice for your Next Beach Outing?

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  • Perfect for both Large and Small Groups - Just you and your significant other? Rollors is all you need. Bigger gathering? Rollors will keep everyone entertained. Rollors teams can be comprised of individual players or groups, making this game ideal no matter the kind of gathering you're hosting. 

  • Simple to Learn - You don't have to be a pro to join in a Rollors game. New players can jump right in and have a blast. The rules are simple and game play is easy to understand. Rollors is even easy enough for small children to learn and play, making it a perfect activity for family beach outings. 

  • Ideal for Playing on Sand - Many games brought to the beach are actually better played on a flat surface. Not Rollors. Rollors can be played on a variety of surfaces and sand is especially fun. The uneven surface makes each round different and challenging.

  • Easy to Carry - Rollors is much lighter than games like Bocce Ball and Horseshoes. The convenient carry bag can be slipped over your shoulder and easily carried down to the water's edge. It's also small enough to be easily transported on a beach cruiser or scooter. 

  • New and Fun - Most other beach games have been played and played and... played out. Rollors is the hottest new beach game on the market and will make your beach outing better than all the rest.


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