Your Summer 2018 Will See Some New Lawn Games!

a group of people standing on top of a sandy beach

Are you ready for summer?!  Who isn’t after this cold, long, wet winter, right? And so, you’re thinking about what you’ll do for entertainment for your first summer cookout with family and friends. Bocce Ball, croquet, and horseshoes have always been winners among the crowd. But you’d like to bring something new to the party, give it a little excitement. 

Well fret no more over this dilemma because there are some new lawn games on the market this year. The Summer of 2018 will be the year to add another challenging and fun game to your usual summer entertainment line-up.  Take a look at what we have found:


Yes, you read that right, but the name doesn’t mean what you may think it means. The game itself is shaped like an A and has a clear plastic front over it that has a hole over each of the three sections. Thus the name, Aholes. 

And on those rainy summer days when outdoor fun is squashed, you can play this inside! This challenging game is portable and will keep the fun going after summer is over. There are 5 different ways you can play, and it has been around long enough there are tournaments being held in bars and college campuses around the country!

A bean bag through the top of the A gets you 5 points. A bag in the 2ndhole gets you 3 points, and the bottom of the A gets you 1 point. If your bean bag lands on the shelf, no points are given and if you bag falls to floor, you lose a point!

Bakeke Ball

This is a new exciting outdoor game that you can set up in the backyard, at the lake, on the beach, even in the water! You’ll have two goals set at opposite ends and the goal is for each player to skip the ball across water or toss it when on dry land, so that you hit the bucket goal and score 1 point. If you get the ball through the hole on the side of the bucket, you get 3 points.

Teebag Golf is coming soon, be watching for announcements and promotion for this game! It has the looks of being as much fun as Rollors. And while you’re preparing for summer, pull your Rollors game out of the garage and make sure all the pieces are there and ready for another fun summer.

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