Why Are Outside Activities Are So Important?

a person playing a game of frisbee

Outdoor activities are important for children. They not only keep them physically active, but they also provide an educational purpose as well. Whether it is an after-school program, or activities for the summer, keeping children busy in a safe and supervised activity is a must if we want to have balanced, happy, and healthy children.

Outside activities will teach them new skills like conflict resolution and how to follow rules. They do more to help a child prepare for their future and improve their grades, which all will help them become productive adults.

What They Will Learn Is Valuable

By signing your child up for a recreational, outdoor activity, you’ll help them to make new friends. They will learn how to take turns, follow rules, participate in group situations, and have respect for others. All of these are important life skills that every child should learn before they get out of primary grade school.

While you want to teach your child to finish what they start, i.e., joined the baseball team and finish the season, you also don’t want to force an activity on them they aren’t enjoying. Talk to them about the activity they tell you they want to take part in. Study it with them and go over the pros and cons, making sure they understand that it there will be times that aren’t as much fun.

Yes, as a parent, it can be a hassle getting your child to and from practices and games, but you’re helping create a human being that will get a lot from his or her youth experiences in the long run. It will allow them to find skills and talents that neither of you knew they had!

Keeping Them Active Outdoors At Home

If it is in between seasons or sessions for outdoor activities that involve a team, keep them busy at home outdoors too.  Limit the amount of time they have indoor playing video games or watching television. Make them unplug from that world and get outside for fresh air and exercise.

Introduce them to games like Bocce Ball, Flimsee, Horseshoes, Kan Jam, Rollors, Snack Eye Yard Dice, and more. With a quick search on Google, you’ll find tons of games to get your kids outside and active. Some are age restrictive, but most can be adapted for kid from 2 to 92, like Rollors. Not only will they get the outdoor air and exercise, but they learn to count and take turns while building team support.

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