Who Knew Your Backyard Could Be So Much Fun!

a group of people playing frisbee in a park

When you think about your backyard, do you see it as fun? Maybe, maybe not, but you know what? When it comes to entertaining kids or company in general, you can make it fun!

Besides the traditional games of hopscotch and horseshoes, or Bocce Ball and jump rope, you should have some games that are ice breakers and provide your guest with hours of fun and laughter. Try these games this summer at your first cookout and gathering for family, friends, and neighbors…

Know Thy Neighbor

Before your guests begin arriving, create a circle with chairs, enough for each guest. Then as they arrive, have them choose a seat. As each guest arrives, have them state their first & last name and one thing about them. It could be “I graduated from … “, “I work at ….”, “My hobby is …”. 

Then have one person stand in the middle of the circle, they’re going to be “it” and they point to one person in the circle. That person has 10 seconds to state a fact about the person to their left or right based on what they said as they took their seat. Anyone that can’t repeat what the person next to them said, they become “it” and follow through the game repeating this until everyone is “introduced”.

Catch The Water Balloon

This game can get messy and needs to be played outside. Best if everyone wears a swimsuit or at least brings a change of clothes. But on a hot summer day, you probably won’t have too many argue about it.  Fill several balloons up with water and sort your guests into pairs. The pairs toss the water-filled balloons back and forth, taking one step back further each time. The team that can get the farthest away from each other and toss the balloon without dropping it and busting it wins.

Hunt and Scavenge

This game will take some preparation on your part, but this scavenger hunt game can be a lot of fun and a good ice breaker too. Depending on if the party is adult theme or child theme, choose the hidden objects accordingly, and write the notes so that a child can understand them if this is a child themed party.  


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