Where Are Good Places To Play Rollors?

a group of people playing frisbee in a park

Rollors is a game for all ages and it can be played almost anytime and anywhere.  No, you wouldn’t want to play a round at your sister’s wedding down the aisle.  But you can certainly take it with you to the beach, a park, or in your own yard! And you can play it indoors like your garage or in a rec center.

Rollors comes in a carrying case that makes it easy to store away and easy to carry around too. Two can play each other or create two teams of two players each and compete. Set the game up in your backyard or front yard during a family gathering or a party with friends and neighbors.  On those Sunday afternoons when the kids are restless, have them invite their friends over and serve some snacks while they play a few rounds of Rollors.

Going to the beach or the lake is a lot of fun, but you can only ride in boats, on ski jets or swim for so long before you get water logged. Take your Rollors game with you, all packed away in the carry case, and pull it out when things are taking a turn towards boring.

Football season has come to an end, but you can get ready for next season now!  Be sure to have the Rollors game in the back of your car or truck and set it up at your next tailgate party. While you got the burgers and dogs grilling, challenge your fellow tailgate party-goers to a round of Rollors. Put a little bit of fun competition before your gridiron team takes the field with a neighboring team fan rival!

Rollors is a game that you can take anywhere that you know you’ll have the space and time needed to set up and go.  Don’t be surprised if you pull in some curious observers either! Invite them to join in with the fun.

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