Wet and Wide Outdoor Fun

a boat sitting on top of a sandy beach

Nothing complicated about having a backyard with water guns, water hose, sprinklers and more! Kids of all ages can have fun in the backyard when the temps are high this summer. Let your kids learn how to have fun the old fashion way with these games:

Water Spray Wars

No swimming pool at your house? A great way to cool off and enjoy a summer day is with a few spray bottles or save up those dish soap bottles as they empty and keep the lid. What a way to recycle, right?

Flip a coin, draw cards or straws to determine which player will be "It" then hand them the spray bottle or dish soap bottle filled with clear water. Their goal is to tag another player by squirting them and then they become “It” and the game continues until everyone has been “It”.

Using the same theory, when “It” sprays another player, they have to “freeze” where they are until everyone is frozen. If a player crawls under the legs of a “frozen” player, it unfreezes them and they get back in the game.

Water Limbo

For this game put a nozzle on your water hose and put it on the straight, stream setting. This becomes your limbo stick and the players must maneuver under that stream and not get wet.  The player holding the hose keeps lowering it, making it more challenging. No crawling allowed!

Water Balloon Piñata

A great game for a summer birthday party!  Fill 6 to 12 balloons with water and tie the ends up, then gather them and tie them all on one string. You’ll want a sturdy string that is long enough to hang this water balloon Piñata on a low branch.

Wet Sponge Dodgeball

A simple game from yesteryear that will give the kids a sure-fire way to get cool on a hot summer day and have fun while playing! Fill a few buckets with clear water and put a few sponges in each one, allow them to become soaked. Divide the kids into teams and let them at it! When a player gets hit by a wet sponge, they are out of the game.

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