Warm Weather Backyard Games Anyone Can Play

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We have a nice day every-so-often right now in the midst of winter and we run out to take advantage of it, soaking in the cool sun rays. But we aren’t out there for long, because as the sun starts its descent, so does the temperature. Before long though, the days are going to heat up quicker and stay longer. And we’ll all be heading outside for longer periods of time, gathering with family and friends to cook out, hang out, and play some backyard games.

There are games that are competitive in nature, and the athletic person enjoys them, and is successful at them. Then are some of us that aren’t so athletic and coordinated that like to enjoy some backyard activities too. We have a few games listed here so that you can make sure you have the items needed to play some of them when everyone starts showing up at your house. Or, take them with you to somebody else’s house!


This is the perfect game for the competitive bunch that likes to keep score even with a friendly game of fun. From the Wimbledon-wanna-be-champ to the former band-nerd-that-wanted-to-be-the-football-star, this game is an Olympic sport for more than ten years but is easily adaptable to the backyard.  Think of it as a cross between ping-pong and tennis.

Playing: With the provided hand racket, gently hit the plastic netted thing on the rubber tip (this is the shuttlecock) back and forth between 2 players, one on each side of the net. Your goal is to not let it hit the ground on your side. When the shuttlecock does hit the ground on one side, the player that hit it scores a point. And the then serves for the next round.  The first side to reach 21 or higher wins.


This game can be played even by the person that is charge of the grill – while they’re grilling! It has been around forever, or so it seems since nobody knows for sure if it was created by a German farmer or Native Americans. It is popular in backyards all across the country and at tailgate parties too. The really serious cornhole player is called a cornholio and there is an American Cornhole association that arranges tournaments. Yeah, it’s that big of a game and people that are that serious about it.

Playing: There are 2 boards needed and should be approximately twenty-seven feet apart. Opponents take turns throwing their chosen 4 bean bags at, and hopefully in, the cornhole of their board. Get a bean bag in the hole, you earn 3 points. If you throw a beanbag that lands on the board and doesn’t get knocked in or knocked off the board, you earn one point. There are no points for beanbags that land on the ground, partially on the board, or are bounced up on the board.  

After each team’s players have thrown their 4 bean bags, add up the points for that round. Subtract the score of the lower scoring team’s points from the higher scoring team’s points and that is the amount of points that goes to the high scoring team.  Best out of rounds wins.


Everyone that enjoys backyard games has the usual badmitton, cornhole, horseshoes, etc. But the unique party-giver will have Rollors and bring a whole new dynamic to backyard entertainment!

Playing: Set the blue and red approximately 25 feet apart. Choose teams of 1 each, 2 each, 4 each, or 5 each and each team choose a set of rollers. Each player stands behind the goal of the other team and rolls one rollor to the other goal on its edge, using a bowling-style wind-up and release.  The rollor must hit the ground within 4 feet of being released. Then a player from the other team takes their turn, standing behind the opposing teams goal and rolling towards theirs.

Score is determined by the rollors that are closest to the goal, scoring by the numbers on each rollor, with the rollors on their sides scoring a point value to the number showing, rollors that stopped on the edge score a point value of both sides, and rollers that are against the goal, score a point value of double the number showing.

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