Tips for Throwing Your First Housewarming Party


Tips for throwing your first housewarming party

Tips for Throwing Your First Housewarming Party

Moving into your first home is a big accomplishment. It’s an exciting time, which is why it’s the perfect time to celebrate with a housewarming party. If you have recently moved, a housewarming party is a great way to welcome your closest pals to your new household.

If you've never hosted a housewarming party before, here are a few tips to help you prepare for the festivities.

Planning Your Party

You’ll want to schedule your housewarming party a few weeks after you've settled in. This way, you can reduce stress while having plenty of time to make sure your house is orderly and clean.

Having a bit of lead time also gives you the chance to send out invitations to people in your circle via either postal mail or online. Although, we recommend online as it’s cheaper, easier, and has a better response rate. 

Make sure you ask for RSVP's to ensure you have enough food, beverages, and seating for all attending. Some people will cater food for a housewarming, which can be extremely helpful as it takes one thing off of your to-do list. 

Once you've established who is going to attend, you can work on details like decorations, the menu, and games or activities for the guests. If there will be children attending, make sure to have an area set up specifically for them with toys and games. This will prevent them from getting bored as well as keeping them in a designated spot. 

Don't forget to stock up on necessary supplies like ice, paper products (paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, etc.) hand soap, plastic cutlery, party cups, and other items that will help make the clean up easier. 

If you plan on using disposable dining ware, be sure to have large trash cans and recycling bins located around the party for easy disposal. 

On The Day Of Your Housewarming Party

Depending on the scale of your housewarming party, it could take a couple of days to prepare for the event. You'll want to be sure that your home is in pristine condition and you have enough seating and other supplies on hand to accommodate guests.

Plenty of seating should be available throughout your home so guests can mingle with one another.

If your new home has a yard, don't be afraid to use this space as well. Bold colors can make your outdoor living space more engaging, and a canopy tent provides shade for guests, as well as a covered area to serve food and beverages outside of your kitchen. (When you've already spent hours cleaning, you'll thank yourself for this decision later.)

Games and other activities outdoors such as bocce, horseshoes, or a combination of both, are fun for all players regardless of skill levels or age.

Don't forget to put together a soundtrack! Music helps keep the mood boosted and people happy throughout the evening. Choose your favorites and keep the party going around the bonfire or inside your home. Clear an area in your yard or garage that can be utilized as a dance floor for when those classic hits come on. 

Bring The Neighborhood Together

A housewarming party is a perfect time to not only connect with friends and family but is also a great time to connect with new neighbors and get acquainted with them in a relaxed and fun environment. Inviting your new neighbors in the area makes a great first impression and create a long-lasting friendship.

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