Supporting Veterans with Cancer by Joining the Heroes and Sacrifices Campaign

Rollors - Heroes and Sacrifices Campaign


If you have read our story, you probably know that Rollors was invented by Matt Butler, a veteran who had been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan while on active duty. The main reason why he strived to perfect the game was to offer former members of the military a fun way to unplug and create heartwarming memories with their families and friends outdoors, as he was aware that most veterans witnessed or were part of terrifying situations during their service. 

What is more interesting is that the game could not have been created without the help of other veterans, whom Matt asked to aid in the carpentry of the wooden disks and targets of the original Rollors. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that we are always eager to get involved with a good cause that focuses on veterans. This takes us to the main subject of this article, the Heroes and Sacrifices campaign, which targets veterans with cancer.=

The Heroes and Sacrifices Campaign, Meant to Bring a Little Joy to Veterans with Cancer

Every year, over 48,000 veterans receive a cancer diagnosis in the United States. However, what few people know is that, oftentimes, the underlying cause of cancer in veterans is toxic exposure that occurred in the military. Since the beginning of the last century, members of the military have been greatly exposed to hazardous agents such as mustard gas, asbestos, radiation, Agent Orange, lewisite, heavy metals, as well as PFAS, more recently. Toxic exposure has a strong connection with cancer, which can develop on various organs in the body. The most common malignant diseases among veterans are prostate cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, bladder cancer, and melanoma.

The mission of the Heroes and Sacrifices campaign is to offer people, including companies and businesses, the opportunity to show their admiration and respect for veterans by preparing a gift basket that will go to a former member of the military who struggles with cancer. As soon as we heard about the Heroes and Sacrifices campaign, we did not think twice before partnering up with the people behind it and contributing to it as best as we could.

You Can Also Join the Heroes and Sacrifices Campaign If You Want to Help a Veteran

While you may think that receiving a gift basket cannot make that big of a difference in the life of a veteran who suffers from cancer, which is a harrowing disease, the reality is that it is actually small acts of kindness that can instantly put a smile on the face of a sick person. Sadly, many veterans live alone or, even worse, have been forgotten along with their incredible achievements in the military. For this reason, no matter what your background is, you can also brighten up the day of a former member of the military who is now in pain by preparing a gift basket that will be sent to a veteran by the law firm.

If you are interested in joining the Heroes and Sacrifices campaign, you can easily do so by filling out the form on the official page

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