Summer of 2020 Had Been A Memorable Summer

Summer of 2020 Had Been A Memorable Summer

No doubt about, the whole world has been upside down since March. What started out with all the kiddos heading into spring break, thinking they would be back in class in a week. Yet, here we all are, a lot of us unemployed or working limited hours from home and the kids never got back to school. Social media is calling 2020 the best Senior Skip Day Ever in reference that many high school seniors have one day they all “skip” classes.

Now, summer is half over, and you’re trying to make the most out of what is left of this summer, we have a few games to recommend:

Molkky - Wooden Pin & Skittles Game

This backyard game is insanely addictive that came from Finland. Mölkky is played on any outdoor surface. Take this game to the beach, play it in the backyard on the grass, or in the driveway gravel, anywhere the is room in the outdoors.  Family, friends, and guests at your next barbeque will have a blast with Mölkky. From two years old to ninety-two, you can have as many as twenty-six players!


This is the ultimate game for the beach, backyard, and in the pool. Take BucketBall on camping trips and to tailgate parties, it can entertain the kids at the next family wedding!  Similar to beer pong, Bucket Ball is a larger scale that everyone can play, kids, teens and adults can all have fun with this game. The tailgate version is made for hard surfaces with no-bounce balls while the pool version balls float and give the game another dimension. Pair BucketBall with other giant-sized outdoor games like bottle bash, ladder toss, giant tumbling timbers, and yard dice!


Bulzi bucket is taking cornhole to a totally different level that incorporates hacky sack. With three scoring tiers that include money bags and partner assists, this collapsible designed makes Bulzi Bucket to a new experience that everyone will be challenged and enjoy.


Are you ready to roll?! This is an outdoor yard game that is fun for the whole family, kids of all ages. Combining chance with skill and you’ll find for the entire family. A game of skill with the element of chance! With its convenient carry bag, you can take this game to the beach, lake, or tailgate party, or stay in the backyard and roll away!

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