Rollors Sticker Application Instructions

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Below are the instructions for applying your customized vinyl sticker to your Rollors game.

These can make a game of Rollors a fun gift for anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, Hanukah, housewarmings, and more. Get your own customized vinyl sticker that personalizes your own Rollors game before you take it to the next family reunion or neighborhood block party.

Application Instructions

  1. Prepare the surface with a 2-to-1 water & isopropyl alcohol mixture. After cleaning and drying the surface make sure it is free of dirt, oils and lint. Soak the surface a second time with the water & alcohol mixture.
  2. Slowly peel the transfer tape and decal off the carrying paper. Ensure that all decal elements are sticking to the transfer tape and coming off the carrying paper. This will expose the adhesive backing of the decal and transfer tape. Spray the back of the decal and transfer tape with your water & alcohol mixture.
  3. Apply the decal and transfer tape to the heavily soaked surface. You should now be able to move the decal around due to the water and alcohol solution. This will help you position the decal and remove air bubbles. Step back and view the decal placement and adjust if necessary. Once the decal is positioned, squeegee out all fluid and remove the moisture with a lint-free cloth.
  4. You can now remove the transfer tape from the decal. The decal adhesive is stronger than the transfer tape adhesive and should separate easily. If the decal starts to come off with the transfer tape you may still have moisture trapped under the decal. Reapply the decal & squeegee it again to remove any liquid still trapped underneath. Additional time may also be needed for application fluid to evaporate.


If elements of the decal remain stuck to the carrying paper while removing, slowly replace the transfer tape to the decal and firmly squeegee that section.This should ensure that the design lifts off properly with the transfer tape. 

If the decal tries to lift off of your surface when removing the transfer tape, replace the transfer tape onto the decal. In this problem area, squeegee out any remaining moisture. In some cases you will need to allow 15-30 minutes for the moisture to evaporate. Squeegee one last time to remove any remaining moisture. Peel the transfer tape back at a sharp angle to ensure all elements are sticking to your surface. Sometimes peeling the transfer tape back slowly at a sharp angle will help to release decal elements.

The squeegee used in your application should be made from a hard material like plastic and have a firm smooth edge that won’t cut or tear the transfer tape. It is important that the squeegee also be flexible enough to distribute even pressure over the surface. If you are in need of a squeegee to complete the decal application, squeegees are available for purchase on our website.

If the decal is thin or very small in size and does not have a lot of surface area for the adhesive, the wet application method may not be necessary. For scripted fonts, lettering smaller than 1/2 inch in size or small shapes, a dry application will work just as well.

Caution: If you use the dry application method, once the decal touches your surface, it will be locked in place upon contact and may damaged the decal you attempt to remove or re-position it.

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