Ready for Independence Day?

a person holding a baseball bat on a field

Break out your sparklers and your red, white and blue! The Fourth of July is almost here and if you are hosting the most patriotic event of the year here is a list to help you prepare for this most fun day.  Remember that while this is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family, we also must remember that we are celebrating our great nation’s independence.  So feel free to go all out!  Here is our list of ways that you can prepare for this fun day:

  1. Food, food and more food. It wouldn’t a true Fourth of July party without some grilling.  If you have a large amount of people coming over to celebrate, hot dogs and hamburgers are pretty easy.  Having a burger bar makes it even more customizable for your guests too. Have an array of options that they can put either on their burger or hot dog.  Invite guests to bring a dish as well.  When it comes to celebrating the Fourth of July, you can never have too much food!  You can usually count on the day being super warm outside, so make sure that you provide some items that will help your guests cool down such as ice cream, popsicles or cold fruits such as watermelons and strawberries. 
  2. The Bang! And the Boom! Fireworks are a staple for the Fourth of July.  So are you heavily stocked with all the latest bangs and booms that will delight your family and friends when night falls?  Remember to check in with your city rules when it comes to lighting fireworks. You don’t want to end the day with a heavy fine and you also want to make sure you follow all of the safety rules.   Sparklers are a great way to celebrate the holiday and while kids love holding them you may be worried they will accidently burn themselves.  A great parent hack to prevent just that is to put the sparkler in a red solo cup.  The cup protects the hand while the sparkler is going off on the outside.
  3. Red, White and Blue it up! It is a must to have our great nation’s flag hanging up somewhere during a fourth of July but you should also make sure you load up on the red, white and blue décor.  There are so many décor ideas you can do.  Just hop on Pinterest and the DIY Fourth of July décor is endless.  Remember you don’t have to just show your patriot spirt by your decorations but also by your fashion ensemble.  Dress yourself up with red, white and blue. 
  4. Don’t forget the games. Nothing is more American then celebrating this holiday barbeque and with some yard games. Everyone loves a bit of friendly competition and it is a great way to keep the party going.  While the classic games like Bocce Ball or Horse Shoes are always fun, if you want to really impress your guests break out your Rollors game.  It is a fun, new and inventive game.  It is easy to learn and everyone from all skill levels and ages can enjoy.
  5. Don’t forget about some important provisions. It is good to have some things handy just in case your guests forget.  These things include sun screen, bug spray and lots of bottle water.  You want your guests to not only enjoy the party but also to feel good the next day recovering from it.  It is a wonderful gesture to make sure you have these things available to not only make your guests more comfortable but to make sure they only remember the good time they had and not bug bites or sun burn they got from their fun day.   
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