Outdoor Play For Kids Doesn’t Have To Require A Uniform


Outdoor Play For Kids Doesn’t Have To Require A Uniform

Outdoor Play For Kids Doesn’t Have To Require A Uniform

Not all kids want to play team sports, but all kids should have some outdoor activity. Especially with the weather having mild, sunny days now after the long, cold, brutal winter of 2021. Not to mention all that pent up energy from the 2020 Pandemic that had all of us quarantined! 

There are few things you want to keep in mind as you choose some outdoor fun for the kids from 2 years to 12 years:

  • The Space: Before you buy that outdoor game, is there room in your backyard? Choose a game with a footprint that will work well with the space in your yard, on the deck or patio.


  • The Age Range: There is a reason toys have age ranges listed, and chances are your 2 year old may be smart, but that doesn’t mean they have the dexterity your 10 year old neighbor kid does. Choose a game that fits the age range that will be playing.


  • Safety First: Make sure you purchase quality made games, even if it cost a little bit more than you had in mind. Soft pieces are great for the toddler scene and quality wood for the pre-teen kiddos.

With these tips in mind, try these games this spring:

Bowling – A Toddler Favorite

From 2 years old and up, bright colored pins and balls that come in plastic or lightweight wood is great for helping toddlers work on their hand-eye coordination. Older kids will have fun too as they teach the tots!

Kickball – Older Kiddos

Remember how much fun you had playing kickball in school? They don’t have that outdoor recess we did, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need outside time. With Kickball using rubber balls and rubber bases, they’ll get a baseball feel with a little more ‘punch’ to the game as they run the bases.

Rollors – All Kids and Adults

A great outdoor game kids of all ages can enjoy, even mom and dad  can join in the fun. Take the skills of playing Bocce Ball, Bowling  or Horseshoes and mix it with the wooden discs and let the fun begin! Designed and created by an American veteran, keep the fun at home or take it to the beach.

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