Must Haves For Your Next Lawn Party

lawn party must haves


Winter is slowly coming to an end, seems like that “last Easter freeze” keeps repeating itself, but soon, we’ll be outside all day and into the night. So, why not start planning your first summer get together now?

A few tasty ice-cold drinks, a couple of delicious seasonal dishes, a few close friends or gather the extended family together. Bring it all together and add some outdoor lawn games for the guests that want to do more than lounge around chatting.

Speaking of games, they aren’t just for kids anymore. These games we’re going to talk about will bring the inner child in even the most humbug person at your party – guaranteed!


This all wood game is better than any bocce, croquet, horseshoes, or lawn darts, and it’s the new game on the block! There are 2 cone shaped goals, 6 disc, and it all comes in an easy-to-carry bag. Pair the adults to compete with the kids or mix it up with the oldest adult and oldest kid against the youngest adult and youngest kid. This game takes a whole new level of skills that you’ve never used before.

Flickin’ Chicken

Yes, funny name but even more fun to play! Flickin' Chicken is all about getting the right aim to hit the target on the first try. Toss a disc out then follow up by flickin’ a chicken aiming to land on that disc in a few throws as possible.

Supersized Pong Game

This game has taken beer pong to a whole new level and you don’t have to be drinking beer to play. A super-size version of every red cup basement party that is for the outdoor party season. 12 buckets, 2 teams, with the goal of sinking all of your balls first.

Beer Pong Golf

This game just combined two favorites of every college student and young adult: Mini Golf and Beer Pong. In the backyard, on the beach, at your house or a friend’s house, this game never gets old! Take it to the next tailgate party and you’ll be the hit of all tailgater!

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