More Backyard Games For This Summer

a group of people standing on top of a sandy beach

When the kids get bored this summer, here are some games that take things you have around the house or can pick up at the neighborhood dime store that will keep them busy for hours! They’ll have so much fun, they’ll forget about being bored and feel like they’re having a party instead.

Relay a Human String

Get two spoons and two balls of yarn of the same length. Tie one spoon to the end of each ball of yarn and line the kids up in two teams, single-file, giving one yarn tied spoon to the first person in line.  No say "go" and the first player each team must run the spoon down their shirt and pants.

When the spoon makes its appearance at the bottom of their pant leg, they pass it on to the next player who runs the spoon down their shirt and pants, passing the spoon to the next player, etc. The team that finishes running the spoon through each player’s shirt and pants wins!

Relay With A Hula Hoop

You need one hula hoop for each team and chairs, trash cans, any object that can be used to create an obstacle course. Divide the kids into even teams and give the first player of the team a hula hoop. That player must roll the hula hoop through the obstacle course with their hands and then pass the hula hoop to the next player who does the same thing. The team that has all players complete the course first wins.

Threading A Human Needle

Using the hula hoop, have the kids in two teams and each team stand in a circle while holding hands, with one person having the hula hoop on one arm. The player with the hula hoop must step through the hoop and then pass it to the next player while still holding hands with the player on each side. Each team continues with this until finished, the first team to finish without breaking the circle wins.

Laying Eggs

With the kids divided into pairs, give each pair one raw egg and have the players stand back-to-back with each other.  Put the raw egg between their back and have them squat down to lay the egg on the ground without cracking it.  The pair that accomplishes this first wins.

These games can all work up a sweat, and that last game could make a mess, so have the sprinklers and water guns ready to finish up a day in the backyard!


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