Master These 4 Lawn Games This Summer

lawn games are the new summer fun

As a parent, you’re well aware summer is just around the corner, which means the kids are going to be home all day. It also means it is time for backyard BBQ parties and trips to the beach or lake. It also means you need to give those kids something to do, and with that said, we offer you 4 suggestions of lawn games. Assign them the duty of mastering these games before the next BBQ party.


This fun outdoor game is perfect for the backyard to entertain the kids or the entire family. The convenient carry bag makes it easy to load up the 2 goals and 6 discs and carry to the beach on a moment’s notice. Takes only a few seconds to set up then you’re ready to enjoy hours of fun! Going camping this summer? Don’t forget to take the Rollors!

Bottle Bash Game Set

Sharpen your aim with this lawn game. With the flying discs, Bottle Bash, will tests your ability to knock the bottle off its perch from one of the two telescoping poles. Is the wind your friend or foe? Step back and fling, you’ll find out. Easy to pack up and take with you in a mesh carry case.

Capture the Flag Redux

If you played Capture the Flag as a kid, you know the fun your kids will have with the updated version that glows-in-the-dark. Capture the Flag Redux is more fun and thrilling than the original thanks to the illuminated markers. This game will make your backyard look like an oversized video game! 


This may be the ultimate disc game ever! After a round or two of Kan-Jam and you’ll know just how much you need to work on your disc-throwing skills. This game takes four players and has two flexible plastic cans that have a slotted front. How good is your aim? Who will reach 21 points first?


Customized Rollors Accessories

Customized Rollors Accessories

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We Found More Summer Outdoor Fun Time for You!

We Found More Summer Outdoor Fun Time for You!

Summers are meant for fun in the sun! From baseball games to beach time and backyard cookouts, the fun is waiting for us. We have found 3 more games to enjoy during those outdoor gatherings:
Summer Lawn Games with Fun and Style

Summer Lawn Games with Fun and Style

Why not bring back some of the old-fashioned backyard games out at our next party?  Kids of all ages are getting bored with the “new” stuff, so revive the classics with these:

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