Make the Best of Covid in Your Backyard

Make the Best of Covid in Your Backyard


Make the Best of Covid in Your Backyard

Last summer was the summer we’ll always remember. The entire world was on lockdown and our backyards became our oasis. While much of the world has been released, partially anyway, to return to a normal life with masks, many families are still extending their quarantine. So, what do you do for fun this summer with the kiddos?

Backyard Campout – This seems to be an idea taking off already if you go shopping online for a tent. Depending on the age of your kids will determine how to approach this activity.

Kids of all ages  will get a kick out of cooking their hotdogs and making smores and tell stories around the campfire, aka, the fire pit. Get creative with the hotdog toppings with any of these recipes and add flair to your smores with thin slices of strawberries added to the stack.

Picnic with An International Flair – A backyard picnic doesn’t have to be the same old hotdogs, sandwiches, and the basics. Write down some different themes on slips of paper and let one person pull a slip out of a basket.

One example would  be a Mexican theme with guacamole, (make your own chips tortilla shells!), salsa, and tacos. For the tacos, have the usual ground beef, or ground turkey, offer shredded chicken or pork. A couple of different types of cheese along with the lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. Add some Mexican music in the background, and whoolaa! 

Scavenger Hunting – This can take some planning, but it can also encourage some thinking too, for you and the kids. Make it a themed scavenger hunt, especially fun or younger kids. Go with things of one color, or objects that go together (like things for a Mexican themed picnic). Or things that are round and wooden  - include a game of Rollors for this activity.

 Even if your city isn’t still under quarantine orders, these are activities you can do with the kids this summer, or any summer, for fun. Maybe you have family coming to visit, do these things instead of a water park this year! Remember, Rollors is a game for all ages, from 2 to 92, create your own Summer Olympics.

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