Looking for the perfect gift? Rollors is it!

Looking for the perfect gift? Rollors is it!There are just some people and occasions that are hard to shop for. You want to get them the perfect gift, something that they will love and use, but it is difficult to find out what that perfect item could be. If you are looking for the perfect gift, Rollors is definitely it! It is a great gift to give because it is something that they will be able to use for a long time and will have multiple different occasions to break out. Not only that but it is a beautifully crafted game. The beautiful wood pieces and great carrying bag is easy to store and travel with. Here is a list of people that a Rollors set would be perfect for:

  1. The Graduate. Whether they are graduating high school or college, gifting them a Rollors set is a game that they will continue to play for their rest of their lives. They will be able to take it with them to college for all those future tailgate parties. If they are graduating college, they will be able to take it wherever they go and break it out when they are meeting new people or throwing their own parties in their new home. Rollors is a great gift to give a graduate because it is a reminder to them that while they are hustling trying to make it in this world remember to always take some time to have fun.
  2. Your Dad, their dad, every dad! Every dad will love a Rollors game. It is a great way to spend time with your family and get outside. He will love the fact that everyone can play at any skill level – even his own dad or his young kids. He will enjoy the fact that you purchased something that will last forever and how well-crafted it is. He will especially love the fact that it is compact and not a hassle to store or take anywhere. It will be his favorite item to tote with him to fun tailgates and picnics. He will also love that it is a game he can still beat you at so remember to let him win a few times.
  3. The Social Butterfly. Do you have that one friend who absolutely loves to throw a good party? They know everyone and what they love the most is connecting people. They are known for their fun gatherings and usually in charge of putting together parties such as reunions or neighborhood block parties. They will love this gift because it will add an additional fun element to their parties. They will have this beautiful game on hand to break out at any time. What they will love most about this game is that you can still socialize and hold a drink while playing it. It is a game that everyone can learn quickly and is really fun to play.
  4. The sports enthusiast. Do they have season tickets to their favorite team’s games? Do they coordinate life events based on playoffs and sports seasons? Then they will love their Rollors games. A sports enthusiast loves being competitive. They love anything that they can win at. This is why a Rollors gift is perfect for them. They will enjoy breaking it out before any big game day as it will get them in that competitive spirit. They can easily tote it along to any sporting event. It can be played on any surface so even if they are a winter sport enthusiast, you can even play it in the snow. You just need a flat surface.  
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