Jarts – The Game of Yesteryear Is Now Replaced By These Great Yard Games

Jarts – The Game of Yesteryear Is Now Replaced By These Great Yard Games

Jarts, a game of lawn darts was popular in the 1970's and into the 1980’s. Some of the big names in games and retail manufactured it, Hasbro, Regent, Sears, and others. A set of Jarts consisted four missile type darts that were a foot long with 3 fins and a blunt metal tip.  

The object of the game was to throw a dart in arched manner to hit a designed target. Unfortunately, people were getting hurt when a jart missed the intended target. In the early 1980’s, a girl was killed by a mis-guided jart and with her dad’s persistence, the game was taken off the market.

New Games Replaced Jarts

With one of the most popular games out of the loop now, companies and parents started inventing more games to replace Jarts, and with great success. There is always bocci ball, badminton, and horseshoes, but there needed to be something new to keep the backyard fun, and so today we have these games, that aren’t just for the backyard:

Champion Sports SBS1SET Scoop Ball Set

A colorful backyard game with scoops and balls for 2 to 6 players. Hours of fun to be had by kids and adults catching high flying wiffle balls with the scoops. Great for hand and eye coordination without much physical stress. Play it in the backyard, on the beach, at the lake, wherever you have some space and boredom. The scoops come in six bright colors and are designed to perfectly scoop up the wiffle balls and toss for the opposing players to catch it in mid-air with their scoop.  

Triumph Lawn Darts

Taking the classic Backyard Dart game out and about with darts that have soft rubber tips, weighted bottoms, and the two plastic rings for targets. Comes in a carry bag that stores it away when not playing. Triumph Backyard Darts has four large, soft rubber tipped darts with weighted bottoms. Object of the game is to toss your dart into one of the two target rings opposite ends. First team to score 21 wins.

Lawn Dart Game - Glow in the Dark

A great game for adults and kids in the backyard, at a lake campout or on the beach. Work on your aim and see who can make the highest score. The darts are designed with Jarts in mind, but made with safe, soft, rounded rubber tips and stick on any surface you’re playing on from the grass in your backyard or at the park, to the sand at the beach, even in a parking lot at tailgate parties. Best part of this game, the parts are made out of glow-in-the-dark materials, so you don’t have to quit just because the sun goes down.


 Designed by an American Veteran to entertain his family when he was home in between deployments. Rollors is made from wood and includes two goals that are cone-shaped and six discs. The game combines bocce ball with horseshoes and adds a touch of lawn bowling to it. A great game for kids of all ages from two to ninety-two.

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