It Takes A Village To Support A Team And Rollors Is Proud To Be A Part Of Your Village

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Regardless how generous of a budget they may have, Churches, schools, and organized sports leagues can always use more money.  The operation and organizing of any group takes money. The basics like the facilities, whether they are indoors like a Church, or the outdoors like playing fields for outdoor games and practices, have a cost associated with them. And just like a business, there are utilities, insurance, and other expenses.

Here at Rollors, we understand this and we are proud to offer our sponsorship to help support those groups and teams. We want to be a part of your meetings, practices, and most of all, the games and those who volunteer as well as play. For the young boy or girl playing lawn games at home that become the active athlete at school or on a community sports team, we value those memories and traditions.

For us, it is more than just getting our brand name out there or using it for a tax write-off. We’re about being a part of the community and supporting those Churches, schools, and social sports leagues. If you're looking for sponsorship for your group or team for indoor or outdoor games, please let us know.

We get several requests and ask that you allow us time to evaluate your request as we research the group, organization, or team. Please provide us with the website and all documentation that will support the identity and enlighten us about the group, organization, or team, whether it is an indoor activity and event or outdoor games and events. can help us with any insight into it.

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