Inexpensive Ways To Entertain The Kids In Your Backyard

a little boy that is holding a frisbee

Turn your backyard into an exciting and fun playground for your kids and don’t be surprised to see the neighbor’s kids show up too! We have found somethings you can do that are cheap or free, and best off all, easy!

Of course, you could buy a play-house or sandbox, both of which would be fun and popular. But these things we’re going to share with you are much less expensive and will not only entertain the kiddos, but they will also develop and learn too.

A Mobile Mud Pit: Show me a kid that doesn’t like to play in the mud and I’ll show you a kid that never had the opportunity!  Fill your wheelbarrow up with dirt and add water. Give the kids a couple of buckets, cups, shovels, and spoons and let them have at it!

Play Logs: If you hear of a neighbor that is cutting down a tree, make sure it isn’t diseased or full of insects, then offer to haul it off for free. The kids will find so much they can do with these pieces of logs, just watch their imagination.

Abacus Made of Pool Noodles: Even if you don’t’ have a swimming pool, you can always find ways to use pool noodles. Create a backyard abacus out of rope strung across a corner of the yard and 3” pieces of pool noodles strung across it. Toddlers love sliding them across and counting them!

The Balance Beam: For the wood working person, you probably have some scrap pieces of lumber laying around, right? Choose some pieces that are smooth and about 3” to 6” wide, then stack two or three on top of each other, fasten with nails. The hours your kids will spend pretending to be gymnasts are precious. And the best part, you can put it away at the end of the day. No mess!

Backyard Building Blocks: Collect rock and stones all year and pile them one area of the backyard. Kids can play with them for hours, stacking them, unstacking the, restacking them. Building caves and walls. The young imagination is endless on ideas when given the supplies and time.

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