Importance of Game Night for Families

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Before tablets, smart phones and video games, families had to entertain themselves with each other, believe it or not.  These days, between all the after school activities and other commitments, you and your family can lose sight of one another.  When your kids were younger, they may have loved game night with their parents, but the older they get, the busier they have become and hanging with their parents for game night might not sound as appealing as it once did before.  But family game night is pretty important and you should hang on to it as long as you can. Here is why:

Game night gives you the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your kids.  It is the perfect time to ask your kids what is going on in their lives, who their friends are and how is school going.  The casual environment of game night allows for conversation to flow a bit easier and they won’t feel like they are being interrogated.  They are too busy having fun. 

Game night is also a great learning opportunity, especially for young kids. They learn how to take turns, how to socially interact with one another and depending on the game, they can even start to learn the basics of some math concepts. They will learn about being not only competitive but good sportsmanship.  It also helps them learn how to follow directions as well as helps improve their communication and problem solving skills.  Depending on the game, they will start to understand how to build strategies, something that they can apply to everyday life. 

Another great bonus for families who make family game night important is statistically their children are less likely to participate in risky behavior.  Children who feel connected to their family and in return have parents that show interest in what is going on it their lives tend to shy away from trouble. When children are bored or spend most of their time on electronic devices, this is when they can get influenced by bad behavior.  It is important that children feel a bond with their family so that they shy towards the good than from bad.

Depending on the type of game you play, it can also help get your family active.  While board games are pretty fun, yard games are a great way to get everyone up, on their feet and moving.  Yard games are a great way to help enjoy nature and breathe in the fresh air. Rollors is an especially good game to do just that.  It can be played by all ages and all skill levels.  It is easy to learn and it is also great to play while also holding a conversation. 

With all these awesome benefits and reasons to have family game night, how can you not make it a priority?  While we would all love to think that everyone would be on board with making family game night consistent, that may not be the case.  So make sure that everyone gets a chance to choose what game to play for family game night.  Don’t be afraid to be silly and have fun. Remember that is the main goal – to have fun and bond with one another.

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