How to Have An Amazing Road Trip

How to Have An Amazing Road Trip

Planning a good ol’ American road trip?  There is nothing like heading out in the open road and exploring this wonderful country.  But before you go out riding into the sunset, having a good, well thought out plan is a sure way to ensure for a successful road trip. 

First things first, decide where you and your family would like to visit.  It is good to let everyone contribute to the planning as so that each member has something to look forward to see or visit.  Don’t try and over plan by listing to many destinations to visit in one day so that you can leave some spontaneity.  You never know when you may see a sign for a unique landmark or unusual tourist attraction that you all may decide to check out last minute.  Some of the best adventures are ones that are not planned!  You also may not know how long you may spend at each destination.  Enjoy each stop!  Also, be sure that you know where you are ending each night.  It is best to book your hotel in advance so that you avoid driving all night trying to find a hotel that is around, in your budget and has vacancy. 

Don’t travel on peak dates such as July the 4th.  You don’t want to spend most of your trip being stuck in traffic.  Also be sure to check out what road construction is planned.  This way you can make the most out of your trip.  One of the best times to travel is during the summer.  It’s great weather, traffic tends to be a bit lighter and you can save costs by camping overnight somewhere rather than renting a hotel room every night.

Wondering how to pack for a road trip?  Packing in duffle bags and backpacks is a great way to help save on space in the car.  Remember that it is best to pack light and to only pack essentials.  Keep the heels at home!  It is best to opt to wear layers that way you can make adjustments if the climate changes.  Not only do have to pack your clothes and toiletries, make sure that you also include a car emergency kit.  Cars sometimes break down so you want to make sure that you are prepared.  Also bring a first aid emergency kit.    You should also pack entertaining activities if you are traveling with kids.  This will help pass the time more quickly for them when you are going from destination to destination.   Pack the tablets, ipods and any other things that will keep the kids busy and happy.  It’s better than the constant, “Are we there yet?”  Make sure you pack snacks as well!

Being cooped up in the car for long periods of time can get your kids itching to move around.  A great item to pack for your trip is a lawn game called Rollors.  It is compact and can be tucked under your seat.  This game is perfect to break out at rest area or picnic area when you are taking a break from your long road trip.  It is a great game that appeals to everyone of all ages and gets your body moving.  It is easy to learn and fun to play!

There are many ways to save money on a road trip.  If you are looking to save money with gas, just make sure you avoid filling up in cities.  To save money for accommodations, which is probably the most  costly out of your trip, consider camping instead of staying in a hotel.  You can also consider staying in a home rental or an apartment rental to save costs as well.  If you are really looking to stay in a hotel, pick one that offers perks such as free nights, free breakfast or free wireless.  Some hotels even offer free tours.

And remember to be flexible, take lots of pictures and enjoy the adventure!

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