How to Become an Active Family

a group of people standing in the grass

Making the decision to be a more active family is a great first step at becoming a healthier family.  Not just physically but also a more emotionally healthier family.  Not only is engaging in physical activity together fun and a way to get each other moving but it is also a great way to bond.  Physical activity is important for both children and adults.  It is believed that adults need at least 2 and half hours a week of physical activity while children need at least 60 minutes a day.  If you are a family who is looking to be more active but just don’t know where to begin, you have come to the right place.  Here are some great tips on how you and your family can get up and get moving:

  1. Commit to learning a new physical skill. Maybe tennis, yoga or ice skating is something that everyone would be interested in learning.  Take a class as a family to learn this new skill together.  Don’t be surprise if someone likes this new skill so much that it becomes a passion.  Learning a new active skill together is great because you can also practice with each other.  Be open to try lessons for a different skill, sport or activity every few months.
  2. Write an active commitment bucket list. As a family, sit down together and write down all the things you would like to this summer or winter.  The only rule is that it has to involve with keeping your body moving.  So going to the movies should not be on the list.  Some ideas to put on there can be going on a bike ride on a local trail, playing a yard game such as Rollors or visiting a water park during the summer.  In the winter it can be learning how to ski, going ice skating or sledding.   Make it a goal to cross everything off of your list.  Then start a new list!
  3. Turn off all electronics. While electronics today make certain tasks easier to accomplish they do have a habit of making us disconnect from each other.  Many times we can find ourselves on our phone checking out our social media then the next thing we know it’s been 2 hours and we have just been sitting on the couch the whole time.  Make it a point to shut off all electronics for an amount of time each day and get outside and do something.  This can be going on a quick bike ride or taking a walk around the block.  Just getting up and moving can make a big difference at becoming an active family.
  4. Include kids in chores around the house. This is every parent’s favorite!  If you have to clean out the garage, rake the leaves, gardening or any other active chores around the house, get everyone involved.  Not only does make the work go by quicker, it gets everyone moving around and working towards accomplishing a common goal.  When you and your family completed the project, reward everyone with another fun activity such as going roller skating or bowling.  Maybe take everyone on a bike ride to a local ice cream shop!
  5. Go out and explore. Many times, as a family we can get stuck in a rut only going to places we are familiar with or being home bodies.  Make it a point to go out and explore new areas.  Try and visit all of the parks and playgrounds within your area.  Pretend you are tourists for a day and visit all the great museums or landmarks in your city.  Or you can put together a scavenger hunt with a list of everything you want to look for when you are out and about exploring.


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