Got A Quiet Weekend Ahead? These 4 Games Will Liven It Up!


Got A Quiet Weekend Ahead? These 4 Games Will Liven It Up!

Got A Quiet Weekend Ahead? These 4 Games Will Liven It Up!


If you don’t have anything planned to entertain the family this weekend, you know that is going to make for a long weekend.  Any or all of these 4 games will get some entertainment going and put some fun in what was going to be a really long weekend:


If you grew up in the 60s, your elementary playground had a couple of these poles installed. Tetherball is old school and kids today will find it entertaining still, not to mention the exercise they’ll get is more than they get playing video games. Just to knock the ball around when nothing else is happening or get 2 to 4 kids together for competition. Tetherball, literally the game of what goes around comes around, including the fun!

Bucket Ball


Take that college game of Beer Pong outside and let the kids in on some of the fun, without the beer of course. BucketBall is a bigger version of Beer Pong and it is played outside at the beach, at tailgate parties, while your camping, or a day that the beach. The Tailgate Game Balls don’t bounce or roll so you don’t have to go chasing them through a parking lot. The inflatable racks make this game the one to play in the swimming pool on those hot summer afternoons.


Hillbilly Golf


Oh yeah …. Taking golf to a whole other dimension!  Some call this Ladder Golf or Toss Golf, but whatever you want it to call it, this game has grown in popularity and is hit at any gathering or party.  Tired of cornhole and horseshoes? Give Hillbilly Golf a try.


Created and designed by an American Veteran, this is becoming a popular backyard or beach game for families and friends. It may look easy, but it takes a certain skill, or maybe plain good luck, to score against the other team. Combining Bocce Ball with Bowling and add some Horseshoe flair, you’ll find this game isn’t as easy as it looks, but the challenge is a lot of fun!

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