Give Your Wedding Reception A Fun Twist

a couple of lawn chairs sitting on top of a grass covered field

The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome. The flowers and the setting were out of a magazine, pictures galore have been taken, the ceremonial first dance, daddy/daughter dance, mother/son dance. And now the formal part of the wedding is over and it is time to party! 

With all the months, maybe years, of planning, the formal part is really the shortest part of the whole event. It is the wedding reception that will be foremost on top of everyone’s memory, meaning, it will be perhaps the biggest event a husband and wife will ever host.

Yes, there are the color books and puzzles you can have to entertain the young kiddos, but what about the adults? You’re going to have good food served and good music playing with a dance floor that won’t ever be empty. But you need to have some other activities going on too, and we’re going to give you a few ideas:

 The Photo Booth

This has been a big hit for some of the most formal weddings to the semi-formal weddings. You’ll find plenty of places online that offer this service from setting up, staying with the booth, and tearing it down.  They offer accessories to for your guests to “dress up” and “dress funny”.  Best part of it  - they get to take their picture with them and you’ll get a discs to put with your memories too.

Giant Jenga

This is just like the regular size game only bigger and best when played outdoors. Kids of all ages love this game and it is sure to be an ice breaker!

Ring Toss or Rollors  

If your wedding in a daytime event, there is no better way to make the reception a fun part of the event than playing either of these games. e getting hitched outside and during the day, set your attendees up with a traditional ring toss game. It'll keep everyone busy during cocktail hour!

Wedding Wheel

This puts a spin on “Wheel of Fortune” and will take a little construction, but it will be so much fun!  Have each guest give the wheel a spin and have some funny commands on there that will bring laughter to the whole party!  “Bride & Groom kiss!”, “All couples kiss!”, "Show off your best dance move!", and more.

How Well Does The Happy Couple Know Each Other?

You can get the happy couple and the guest all laughing with this game. Hand out random questions to each guest and periodically through the reception, have somebody read their question out loud to the bride and groom. Have 2 signs with the bride’s name and 2 signs with the groom’s name and give one of each to the happy couple. When a question is asked, they both raise the name they think is the right answer.

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