Getting Ready for Spring

a group of people walking across a snow covered slope

Spring is one of the best seasons.  It changes the atmosphere and people are happier because they can almost taste the summer.  The snow has melted and flowers are getting ready to bloom.  You may be wondering how you can enjoy Spring to the fullest or even how to prepare for the spring season.  Here are some great things to do in spring.

  1.  Getting your garden ready is a great way to help usher in spring.  The weather may not be warm enough to start planting but you can definitely start the seeding and growing process indoors.  Not only does this save you some money by not having to purchase the more expensive starter plants but some plant’s seeding process can take longer than the growing season of your hardiness zone.  Once its warm enough weather and soil is just right you can start planting into your actual garden outside.  Another fun gardening thing to do is start the plans!  Decided what you want to grow and where you want to plant it. Knowing that soon enough you will have a beautiful garden blooming is enough to put you in the spring like mood.
  2. Spring CleaningThere is a great feeling when you can pack all your winter things away and start the spring cleaning.  It’s time to get rid of all the things you don’t use either by garage sale or by donating it.  Have a clean and clutter free home is a great way to start out the spring season and it feels so good!  Focus on eliminating the clutter first and then work on one area of the home every weekend for a deep clean.  Have a schedule place is a great way to make sure you complete the project and not getting overwhelmed.  When you have a busy home with kids its easy to start one project without finishing the one you were just working on.
  3. Spring Crafts. Having the kids do some spring crafts is another great way to celebrate the spring season.  You can have them paint garden pots or even make tissue flowers to put around your home.  Having some spring-like crafty décor is always fun to have around the home.  There are tons of Spring craft ideas on    A favorite is making toilet paper roll butterflies.  Here is a great tutorial on how to put them together:
  4. Enjoy the festivals. Spring is the time that festivals get their start.  Whether it is an art festival, music festival, or any type of festival it is great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the new spring weather.  It is a great activity to do with the family and usually the cost to attend one is pretty low.  Most festivals will even have something special for just the kids. 
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