Get The Kids Summer Planned With These Latest Outdoor Games

Are you and the kids dreading summer already with the same old, same old lawn games and outdoor games in store?  From hide-n-seek to horseshoes with a game of Bocce or croquet thrown in every so often. The hazy, lazy days of summer are coming upon us quick and you’re looking for something new for the kids to play, right? 

Flagger! You Win!

How about the game Flagger this summer? This is a flag toss game that combines to elements of the American version of football: flags and pylons. There are 6 flags and 2 pylons, all made of bright colors and durable materials. The game’s object is for the players to throw their flags close or into the pylon targets. If you get your flag in a pylon, you made a "Flagger" and win.

This game is more than just an outdoor lawn game for home. It is easy to take with you to the beach, the park, or a party and can be played by anyone of all ages.

Kan Jam

This game may have started out tossing frisbees into trash cans at the beach, but today, it is a game to pack up and take to the beach. Made better by creating a “kan” target where you can score anywhere from 1 point with your partner hitting the disc to hit the kan or to a complete WIN by getting the disc in the slot.  There is even a mini size Kan Jam version to play indoors.

You may look at this as one of those games that was almost “trashed”!


This game includes a hoola-hoop size, jogger-like trampoline (but not use it for jogging!) and a couple of balls.  You can play 2 teams of 2 players against each other, or one-on-one. With the hoola-hoop, jogger-like trampoline in the center, one player serves the ball hitting it towards the net. From there, this game is a lot like volleyball with 3 hits per team trying to control their hits on the hoop to bounce back to their teammate.

These are just 3 of the outdoor games in addition to Bocce, horseshoes, or Rollors that the kids will play all summer and the family can take it to the beach, camping, and family reunions or parties. Get the kids out of the house and moving around for exercise that’s fun!


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