Frisbee Based Outdoor Games

Frisbee Based Outdoor Games 

Frisbee Based Outdoor Games

It may be hard to believe or maybe not, the Frisbee, the molded plastic flying disc that you find at beaches, in backyards and parks all around the country, started out by college kids throwing metal pie pans from a company named Frisbie Pie Company.  It was 1955 when two business partners made the plastic version we know today and well, the rest is history. 

Today, we have team competition with the Frisbee and we have several “spin offs” variations of this ageless, timeless and fun-for-all-ages toy. Let’s take a look at where the Frisbee is today and what kind of fun there is to be had:

MONSTER FRISBEE: Perfect for the beach, park, pool, or in your own backyard, a little bit larger than the original at 25 inches diameter.  This version is made of a durable, lightweight Oxford cloth and easy to transport by folding it up. Larger but has a comfortable grip for throwing and catching, adults, kids, and any age in between can enjoy this toy. A fun way to strengthen your accuracy, flexibility, stability, and strength. For kids, a fun way to help them develop their hand-eye coordination and imagination!

ACTIVE FLYER: Another “spin off” the original Frisbee, but different than it or the Monster Frisbee. A simple tossing back and forth, and it floats on water, so great for the pool, lake or ocean. This style is 80% lighter than the other flying disc toys, has a comfortable catch and toss grip and can be caught with your arm or leg, even your head! This has been seen on news network channels and can fly as far as 80 feet. The company of Active Flyer is firm believer in giving back to the community too by supporting youth opportunity centers and other organizations.

FLASH FLIGHT: With 2 lithium batteries, this innovative design of a Frisbee style toy has a super-bright illumination and creates a fun game or a serious sport for the beach, park, or yard. If you’re the family athlete, you’ll have great hours of competition or if you’re just entertaining the party, everyone can join in. Made of durable, lightweight, materials that offer a true balance for a long, straight flight. Water-resistant, floats, and the patented fiber-optic array extends to the rim, illuminating this toy at every angle.

KAN JAM: Blending corn hole, beer pong and disc golf all into one target toss game, giving you the ultimate unique outdoor experience. It is adaptable and portable, easy to learn.  Quickly becoming a cookout party or tailgating party favorite!

ROLLORS: This isn't a frisbee based game but we had to add it to our list because it's a fun one to add to your inventory of any outdoor game. You’ll forget about Bocce Ball and horseshoes after you have an afternoon playing Rollors! Whether it is in your backyard with the kids, a neighborhood cookout, or the next tailgate party, kids of all ages have fun playing. Combination of bocce ball with lawn bowling and a touch of horseshoes, take this game to the next family gathering and guarantee everyone will have endless hours of fun. Created by an American Veteran with the help of his military brothers, this game comes with a custom-made carrying case, making it easy to transport from the backyard to the beach.



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