Four Rolling Type Yard Games That’ll Roll Fun Into Your Party!

Four Rolling Type Yard Games

Four Rolling Type Yard Games That’ll Roll Fun Into Your Party!

Are you planning your next BBQ cookout party and looking for some fun that everyone of all gests can play?  We have found three games that we think will do it!

Bocce Ball: Old fashion fun that comes in a its own carrying case, and 8 ball (2 red, 2 green) and the white ball. Just like lawn bowling with a little more strategy that has all ages using their best skills. Great for family reunions and birthday parties and when the friends and neighbors come over for a cookout, brin out the Bocce Ball set!

LED Bocce Ball: Lightweight, waterproof, and flashing or solid lit balls for a game that can bring Bocce Ball into the nighttime parties!  All the same rules and guidelines of Bocce Ball, the only difference is the nighttime fun it brings to the party. Fun for all ages and keeps everyone on their toys playing. Comes in a carrying case with two each of 4 different colors and a white ball. All the light up and a measuring device is included.  

Petanque: A game for 2 players that offers a lot of fun like that of 6 chrome-plated steel, light weight petanque balls perfect for tossing your way to a win. Comes in a red canvas case that keeps it easy to pack up and go anytime, anywhere. A lot of fun much like Bocce, but the balls are lighter weight and makes the game more interesting because it’s pitched, not rolled.

 TIDALBALL: If you’re headed to the beach, this is the game to take with you. Comes in its own bag, brings cornhole to meet bocce ball in a game for all ages. Let the kiddo use up all that energy and the adults can take on challengers. This is the beach game that you don’t want to leave at home. The bag weighs all of 10-ounces and is sand and waterproof, The balls float, and there are four koozies included for your convenience.

Get your ball in the hole, make three points. Get your ball in the trench, make one point. Two teams of two people each, you can toss the balls like cornhole or horseshoes. Detailed instructions are included.

Bring Some Fun to The Next Party!

Get the whole party involved and bring in a new game of Rollors! Rollors was designed and engineered by an American Veteran and brings a whole new level of fun to the summer beach time, camping, birthday parties and BBQs or tailgating get-togethers. A combination of some of your old fashion games of Bocce Ball, bowling, and horseshoes.

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