Customized Rollors Games

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For kids of all ages, backyard games, lawn games, in fact, any outdoor games can be fun. From Bocce to horseshoes to Rollors. They provide entertainment for gatherings of family and friends at an BBQ. Or clear an area in the basement or the garage during the winter, nothing can be more entertaining and fun than a game of Rollors, the outdoor yard game you can safely play inside too.

And now, you can personalize your own set!  Put the family name on it in the color of your alma mater, favorite sports team, or personalize a set for each kid. These customized vinyl stickers can make any lawn game or outdoor game great birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, or “just because” gifts. And there is no better place to get those things personalized than with a customized set of stickers from

The owners of Rollors has teamed up with the owners of Sticky Life to create customized vinyl with laminate stickers for our fabulous fun outdoor yard game. They have been making customized vinyl with laminate stickers for other wooden outdoor games since 2009 and they found Rollors to be a perfect fit for their creations. This family business has a following now that keeps them busy with repeat business and new clients. 

They’ll create the color scheme you want, using the names you give them.  They come premasked and ready to apply to your Rollors game or any other outdoor wood lawn games you have. They provide high performance for 3 to 5 years of outdoor durability and fun.

Can you think of a more fun gift to give the grandkids, nieces, or nephews, even your own kids from ages 2 to 92. Simply place your order here <…………> and specify your color, name, or anything else you want to personalize any of the many wooden lawn games.

Sticky Life has found a way to make backyard games fun again, bringing back the old-fashioned way of networking. Or take your set of Rollors to the next family reunion and with your personalized vinyl stickers identifying it, there won’t be any confusion who that outdoor game goes home with!

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