Customized Rollors Accessories

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Etsy is the online shop where you’ll find an array of items that you won’t find just anywhere. Started in 2005 with a focus on handmade, vintage items, and unique factory-manufactured items, this online market where people that have found a creative niche can set up their own storefront to sell the goods they create.  You’ll find just about anything like art, bath & beauty products, clothing, jewelry, photography, and even food items and outdoor games!

And that is where the owners of Rollors found the owners of Wilz Creations. This Etsy store front is owned by a creative couple, Amber and Richard Wilz. Her creative design ability and his handy woodworking ability provides the owners of Rollors a way to keep your beverage and score keep handy while playing this exciting backyard game.

Thanks to the owners of this Etsy shop, there is a line of beverage holders, score keepers, and other fun accessories to match the many different outdoor yard games on the market today. The owners of Rollors have paired up with the owners of Wilz Creations to design matching beverage holders and score keepers to go along with a Rollors game for a personalized gift. The beverage holders can accommodate your drink with a koozie to keep it cool.

This makes for a complete set of outdoor fun for that kids of all ages can enjoy. Rollors and other outdoor games on the market are bringing back the outdoor fun that Baby Boomers grew up with.  You can upgrade the basic games with a set of beverage holders and score keepers that have been personally designed for an awesome anniversary, birthday, holiday, housewarming, or even a retirement gift.

Here's another awesome place to find customized stickers...

Sticker Mule - if you’re looking for a place to get catchy, special designed stickers like the one on Rollors, or you’re needing buttons or labels for a project you’re working on, give the folks at Sticker Mule a call today.  They’ll work with you on designs and shapes, getting you the finished product that will make your product or other project stand out.




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