Bring The Summer Olympics To Your Backyard!

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Are you enjoying the 2018 Winter Olympics and missing the Summer Olympics? Well, what could be any better than watching the Summer Olympics on television? Having a Summer Olympic Game party in your backyard, complete with modified Olympic style events!

Your Summer Olympics party can be for adults and kids, family and friends! Even include the neighbors and have a Neighborhood Summer Olympic party. Some games we think would be fun are:

  • Backwards Crab Walk
  • Blindfold Leapfrog
  • Cotton Carry Race
  • Egg Passing
  • Foot Golf
  • Frisbee
  • Obstacle Course
  • One-Legged Race

Some others that we have come across that look challenging fun for kids of all ages are:

Passing The Sand

You’ll need a bag of play sand, several plastic plates, and a scale. Create two teams and line them up in single file. First player in line gets a handful of sand then passes it to the next player, and that player passes it to the next player in line, and they keep going to the end of the line.

The last player pours what they have left in their hand onto a plate and weigh it. Whichever line has the highest weight in sand wins.

Wrap A Mummy

You’ll want to purchase several packages of inexpensive toilet paper for this game. Divide your guests into couples or teams and give each group several rolls of the toilet paper. One person in each couple or team volunteers to be the mummy and the other person or rest of the team start wrapping them in the toilet paper.  The first one that finishes wrapping their mummy from head to toe wins.

Relay Dress-Up 

Set out two sets of clothing that are similar to each other, male or female, that are large enough to go over what they are wearing. Divide your guests into two teams. One player from each team dresses up in the clothing then undress and the next player dresses up, then undresses, and so on until each member of the team has dresses and undressed.  The first team that all players have completed this win.

With a little imagination, you can create other Olympic style games to add to this fun! And bring out the traditional lawn games as well like Bocce Ball, Horseshoes, and Rollors. These are games that make great Olympic style sports too for the backyard.

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