Bet You Never Hear Of These 5 Yard Games!

Five Yard Games You've Never Heard Of


Bet You Never Hear Of These 5 Yard Games!

Back yard, front yard, beach front, lake side! Anywhere you want to incorporate some fun for everyone, these are 5-yard games that will do the trick for you!  May you have heard of them but forgot about them. Maybe they have a bit of horseshoe fun and or maybe they have some cornhole tactics about them, either way, they all bring fun to the group, no matter if its adults or kids, family or friends, even neighborhood get together!

Rampshot:  This game is like Cornhole on steroids and then some! A great game for the beach with the family in the yard with the neighbors, or on the beach with new friends! It is portable, easy to pack and carry, perfect for taking on camping trips. For those times when the tailgate party is getting slow, pull out Rampshot and you’re sure to get everyone fired up again!

Four players and 2 ramps that are made from lightweight but quality plastic. Easy to tote from one party to the next, Rampshot is full of fun for everyone. The four balls are racquetball style, and this game is sure to keep every player on their toes waiting for somebody to make a big play, which is unpredictable because you never know where those balls are going to go after they hit the groves on the ramp top. 

Made in the U.S.A., this highly interactive game is great for kids to help develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. If you’re looking for some good old fashion fun, this is the backyard game you need. Players score points catching and/or tossing the balls. 

TIDALBALL: What more could you ask for than a game that keeps your brew cold while your having fun on the sand? TidalBall is the beach game of all beach games, move over volleyball! A combination of bocce ball and cornhole, great for kids of all ages and for the grown-up, there are koozies included for those adult beverages! Pack easily in a sand proof and waterproof bag, the balls float just in case they make out to the lake or ocean. This American made game is just what you need before summer gets here!

ROLLORS: Bocce ball and horseshoes don’t have anything on Rollors!  Take this game to the backyard or to the beach, family and friends, kids of all ages are going to enjoy Rollors. This game is using the same skills of bocce ball, lawn bowling, and horseshoes, everyone will have fun with this game.

From a backyard cookout to beachside cookout, Rollors is just what you need for entertainment. Invented by an American Veteran, Mat Butler with the help of other veterans, they know what family time and fun with friends is all about. They have played this game at birthday parties, get together with friends, and even a wedding reception or two. With a carrying case custom made just for this, the game is easy to pack up and take to the event.  The set comes with two goals that you’ll set 25 feet apart, and number discs so players can choose their team’s color, then let the fun begin .

Petanque: A game for 2 players that offers a lot of fun like that of 6 chrome-plated steel, light weight petanque balls perfect for tossing your way to a win. Comes in a red canvas case that keeps it easy to pack up and go anytime, anywhere. A lot of fun much like Bocce, but the balls are lighter weight and makes the game more interesting because it’s pitched, not rolled.

Bearpong: If you like beer pong, you’re gonna live Bearpong! An oversized version of the party game staple of Beer Pong, this is bigger and better! If your group of friends are the beach going, tailgating game kinda of people, the BearPong is the game you need to bring with you. With heavy bottomed large buckets made of a durable, thick plastic. You play the same way just with a bigger ball and bigger cups. And it stacks together nicely or easy portability.

Take to the beach or to the poolside, take it camping and bring out at your next backyard BBQ gathering. Family and friends will have a blast with this outdoor version of beer pong – we guarantee it! Set up teams and pit the kiddos against the grandparents and winner takes on the parents. Get ready for some fun that can last


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