Best Graduation Gift for Your Graduate

Best Graduation Gift for Your GraduateDo you know someone who is graduating college this year?   Having difficulties deciding on what gift to get them? Don’t fret! Here is a list of top 10 gifts you can give your graduate as they embark into the world beginning their adventure into adult hood. It is time to help celebrate their accomplishments and now that they have a diploma in their hand, there are a many things that you can get them that will help them transition into their real world. Goodbye all-nighters, Hello paychecks!

  1. Gift card to their favorite clothing store. After graduation their focus will be scoring their dream job. Like the saying goes, “dress for the job you want.” Your graduate will truly appreciate the gift card so that they can pick up some brand new clothes that will make them feel confident in their interviews.
  2. A good digital camera. Chances are your new graduate will be taking trips and going on adventures. Yes, they probably have their camera on their phone but those pictures really won’t come out as good as they can with a good digital camera. Find one that is durable, easy to travel with and has a high shutter speed. They will be thankful that they will have beautiful pictures that captured all their wonderful adventures.
  3. Gas or Restaurant gift cards. Most likely during college, your graduate was living on mac and cheese and taking public transportation. Now that they are out in the real world gas and restaurant gift cards will really come in handy. Especially when they are still looking for a job to pay all those bills.
  4. Netflix account. They will love this gift! With a Netflix account they can stop stealing their parents account and have one just of their own. With what seems like an infinite amount of shows to watch this will be great entertainment they can use for endless amount of hours. There will be a lot of binge watching in their future and this will be great as they may not be able to afford to go out as often as they would like as they need to be paying off those student loans.
  5. Beginners how to cookbook. Now that they are no longer living on mac and cheese and no longer can rely on their school’s cafeteria food or the help of mom and dad’s cooking a guide to learning how to cook is perfect. Cooking is a great skill to learn and have. You can impress whoever you are dating or make themselves healthy and delicious meals for themselves.
  6. Tool Set. A good tool set is great to have especially when you are living on your own. They always come in handy and definitely will use for years to come. They will often be putting new furniture together or hanging up pictures in their new place so they will be happy they have their handy tool set.
  7. Resume Service. This will be a great service to have that they will certainly use. Companies receive thousands of resumes so when apply for jobs you want to make sure that theirs not only stands out but it shines. Having someone help you build and put together a fabulous resume will prove to be invaluable resource in the long run. They will thank you when they get their first job offer.
  8. A fun gift to give for any graduate. Rollors is a fun yard game that can be played on any surface. Your graduate will get tons of usage from this gift. It is great to break out at parties, camping or just because. It is easy to learn and really fun to play. They can take it to wherever their new adventures take them.
  9. Gift Card to Ikea or any place well priced hat sells furniture. For someone who is just starting out in their new job they will most likely need help furnishing their new home or apartment. Giving them a gift card to a great furniture place that has great prices will be greatly appreciated. Remember that your recent grad is probably not going to be able to afford an $8,000 sofa so keep that in mind when choosing a place to get their gift card at.
Cold hard cash. There is nothing more wonderful than the gift of cash. Any recent college graduate will appreciate the money as they can use it toward a variety of needs or wants they may have. They may even save it! If you are looking to find some creative ways to give the gift of cash (rather than just putting it in a card) check out this awesome website:
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