Besides Good Food and Great Company, What Makes For An Awesome Cookout?

a book sitting on top of a sandy beach

Ahhhh … Spring has sprung in most of the country and is close for the rest of us.  That means that the cookouts with family and friends are in the planning stages or have already started as winter head out. This is the time of year for good food and great company on a warm day. So, with those two combined, what else can make for an awesome cookout? A good mixture of various lawn games can be the perfect touch!

These days, many of us are tethered to some sort of computer device. If we aren’t inside sitting at a desktop computer or television, we have our iPad or smartphone with us. But what kind of cookout can you have if your guests are all looking at a screen? Luckily, a lot of people are starting to take notice to this new “phenomenon” and have started bringing out outdoor yard games from their garages.

For most young kids today, playing games means sitting in front of a television screen with their Xbox or other game system. And for adults, we start thinking we’re too old for that “nonsense”. But once you bring out the tried and true outdoor games of yesteryear, many start remembering the hours of fun they had “back in the day” and jump right in playing.

For your first cookout this summer, pull out the Bocce, horseshoes or Rollors or any outdoor yard games and just see how quick everyone starts joining in. From ages 2 to 92, yard games are lots of fun and great exercise without realizing you’re exercising. Think back to when you were a kid and which game you enjoyed the most. Then pull it out of storage or surf the internet to find a new one. We’re certain that along with the good food and great company at your next outdoor gathering, having one or more backyard games set up will make it an awesome cookout!

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