Besides Bocce Ball, Horseshoes, And Rollors, Try These Lawn Games For Your Next Get Together!

a man playing a game of frisbee in a field

You’ve played Bocce Ball and Horseshoes at every get together in your backyard for years. Last year you brought out a game that is gaining in popularity, Rollors, and made your house the one to go to! This year, try one of these games and give your party another angle that everyone will remember.


This game is perfect for the young adults, college age folks that are into Beer Pong or other drinking games but looking for a new game they can play while holding their beer.

Playing The Game: Sit two cans with slits in the front of them fifty feet apart. With players standing opposite of their partner, one at each can, throw a frisbee while the other player deflects the frisbee so that it goes in the can. There are 3 ways to score: If the thrower hits the can after it being hits by the partner, they score 1 point. If the throwing partner gets the frisbee in the can without aid of their partner, they score 2 points. If the thrower gets the disc and the partner makes a slam dunk in the can, they score 3 points. If the throwing partner makes it into the slot, it is an instant win for the team. First team to reach 21 points win.

Ladder Golf

While it isn’t on Jack Nicolson level, it isn’t exactly Happy Gilmore either, but this game has been around since the days of caballeros and cowboys. With a renewed interest that is making it popular again, you’ll find your guests will be asking to come over for another round at it, even when there isn’t a party.

Playing the game: Determine a throw line and place a ladder 5 paces away. Each player will have 3 bolas (a rope with a ball on each end) that they will throw at the ladder. A player will throw each bola and score 3 points if their bola makes it to the top run, 2 points for the middle rung, and 1 point for the bottom rung. A player that lands a bola 3 times on the same run earns extra point. The first player to reach 21. Any player going over 21 forfeits.

Lawn Darts

This is bringing the typical bar game to the backyard, with a bit of a twist, making it safe, but is sure to be a party favorite. In 1988 this game was banned in the United States and Canada due to a child being injured, but with the updated version played with plastic darts instead of metal, it has resurfaced.

Playing the game: Divide in teams and each team will take turns and throw plastic darts into a target ring that is 35 feet from pre-determined throwing line. One point is earned by landing a dart in the ring. If opponent throws a dart in the ring, the 2 points are canceled. Points are tallied at the end of a round and the difference between the two opponents goes to the higher scoring player.

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