Basic Kid Games That Take It Up A Notch – Outdoors!


Basic Kid Games That Take It Up A Notch – Outdoors!

Basic Kid Games That Take It Up A Notch – Outdoors!

Spring has finally arrived and after 2020, we are all have the desire (and need) to get outside and enjoy life again!  Maybe you’re planning a day to the beach or a lake, maybe a city park, or just hanging out in the backyard with friends.

Regardless of what your choice of outdoor life is, here are some oversized indoor games for outdoor fun by adults and kids:

Connect 4

If you have kids, you’ve had this game under the Christmas tree at least once! As an adult, you enjoyed playing with your kids on a quiet family game night, but why not bump up in size and take it and head outsize?

The premium wooden board is 31” x  23” has a natural finish and sets up easily. Use the 42 solid plastic coins in red and blue and bring the inner child out of all your adult family and friends. Easily portable in a durable nylon case, take it from home to the beach, lake, or a friend’s house.


From the tabletop in the den to oversized adapted outdoor version for the backyard, enjoy the challenge to concentrate just got a little more intense, and fun. How many rectangular wooden pieces can you pull from the stack and reposition before the stack tips? The 100% pine wood blocks measures 6.4” x 2.1” x 1.2” and come in a convenient carrying case making it easy to take it on the go for fun anywhere.  


For those of us that grew up in the 50s and 60s, we spent many a Saturday nights watching our parents play dominoes (or bones as some folks call it) on a card table. Well, as adults today, we’re a lot more active and cool and we take our domino games outside!

Take these 7” sized “bones” to the backyard and challenge your friends and family member to a game of dominoes like they’ve never seen before. These colorful dominoes are 3-1/2” by 7” and 1/2 inch thick, all natural wood with a rustic appearance. The large canvas bag has a drawstring to make it easy for toting around.


Add something a little new to your outdoor game repertoire with this game. Designed and created by an American Veteran, this is a game of chance using your finest skills that Bocce Ball, Bowling and Horseshoes required, but with a little twist.   Great for kids of all ages!

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