Backyard survival guide for 2021


Backyard survival guide for 2021


Backyard survival guide for 2021

Summer 2020 was one for the books, one we would all like to forget! While 2021 is much better, almost post-pandemic, many families are still taking precautions. A vaccine is out and available in most places, but we’re still masking-up. While we never should have gotten to a point the government had to tell us to “wash your hands”, thankfully, more people are washing their hands more.

So what does this all mean for summer 2021? There is still concern and some fear, and some because of loss of jobs and budget, many working parents and their families are going to experience another staycation this summer. What can you do to entertain the troops at home this summer? 

After a pandemic in the winter, it is important to get everyone active and outside this summer. We still think our game of Rollors is one of the greatest outdoor/indoor games ever, but we have also found a few ideas we wanted to share with you.

Build and Plant a Garden – Remember the food shortage last year? Why not build and plant a garden in the back yard this year? This will teach the kids, and even mom and dad, where food can come from, fresh, healthy food. Spoiler alert: There will be some science learning happening too!

Family Field Day – Back in the 1960s, field day was THE best day of school, well, after the last day of school. Everyone loved field day, even if they weren’t athletic at all because it meant no classes that day. Bring it on home with a field day kit you can buy online or, you can make your own with these ideas:

  • Using pillowcases or large trash bags for the sack race.
  • One egg and a spoon for the spoon race.
  • Tie two legs together with a ribbon for you three- legged race.
  • Make a hopscotch game on the patio.
  • Jump rope competition will entertain and get the cardio going too!

There are a lot of activities you can find online or create your own, much more fun that way! Just make sure to have some kind of “ribbons” or prizes, and don’t forget game of Rollors either!  

Backyard Movie Night – After a busy, fun-filled Family Field Day, why not chill out with family backyard moving night? Stretch out a solid color sheet, set up a projector with the DVR or BluRay and put on some family friendly favorite movies. Make it a weekly ritual with different titles on slips of paper and somebody different gets to draw the movie of the week out.

We may not be 100% pandemic free yet and err to the side of caution is sometimes the best decision for a family. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun though! Stay tune with us for more fun ideas to get through the post-pandemic Summer 2021.

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