Backyard Or Beach Party Games

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No matter if you’re having a backyard party or partying on the beach, here are some games that everyone can be involved in, no matter their age or athletic ability.

Bingo On The Beach (or in the Backyard)

Beforehand, create enough bingo cards for each guest you invite, leaving the squares blank. Next write beach themed words on pieces of paper and place in a bucket.

When the guests have all arrived, hand them a card and pencil. Next, have them write a word that is beach themed in each square. After everyone is done, pull a slip of paper from the bucket and call it out. Anyone with that word on their self-made bingo cards marks it off. You can play this game all at once or call the words throughout the party. Whoever fills their card first wins by yelling “BEACH” instead of “BINGO”.

Toss The Water Balloon

Beforehand, fill up a bunch of balloons with water and put in a large bucket or kiddie pool. When ready to play the game, have your guest pair up with another guest and then instruct them to toss the water balloon back and forth. As a balloon bursts, that pair is out.  Last pair remaining with their balloon still in tact wins.

Hot Beach Ball

This game is along the same premise as the classic game of hot potato. Have your guests stand in a big circle with each other and give one of them an inflated beach ball. Now start some music and as the song plays, the players toss the ball to the player on their left. Whoever is holding the ball when the song stops, is out of the game and the music starts again, repeating this process until one player is left.

The winner of each game can be the one to choose the next game and be a team captain. Use two of these games to determine who is captain of each team in Rollors or any lawn game. These games are competitive but fun and can be played by kids of all ages!

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