Backyard Games For The Kiddos This Summer

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It may be right in the middle of winter still, but many parents are starting to fret a bit on how to keep the kiddos entertained this summer. While summer is only 3 to 4 months long, a house full of bored kids can make it seem like eternity. So, let us share a few game ideas that will get them outside for the day!


The adult version of this game is called Ladder Golf, and depending on the age of kiddos you’re entertaining, you can call it either one. You’ll need three bolas for each player. A bola is a rope that has a ball on each end. 

Each player will throw each of their 3 bolas toward a ladder that you have leaned up against a fence, tree, or wall. A player will score 1 point for a bola landing on the bottom rung, w points on the middle rung, and 3 points on the top rung. The game is done when a player reaches 21 points. What a sneaky way of keeping their math skills going, right?!


This is an age-old classic game and was the game of all games back in the 60s. It is a cross between baseball or softball with soccer and you can modify the game to accommodate different number of players and the space you’re playing in. Just like baseball or softball, you’ll need a pitcher that will “pitch” or roll the game to a player on home base. They kick the ball out into the field of play and run the bases, first, second, and third, and try to reach home before the opposing team players gets them out by kicking the ball to the runner and hitting them.


This is an old barroom game that is played on tables with metal discs but changed up to play in the backyard or in the driveway. Each player will use a tang, a broom-shaped device to push weighted pucks down a wooden surface that is elongated shaped. The tangs and pucks are in different colors to determine the teams.

Other Games To Play

Bring out your Bocce Ball, croquet set, horseshoes, and Rollors too!  Remember how much they enjoyed them last year? Its been a long winter and these old stand-by games will be like new again.

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