Avoid Those Boring Summer Days That Are Soon To Be Here!

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Resolve summer boredom with these outdoor games

Summer is just around the corner and who can forget how bored kids get after the first week? That first week flies by, the days get hot, the get long, and for a month or so, time just drags by.

We’re all aware of how much time inside kids are spending their days already. So how about thinking of some outdoor lawn games they can play outside instead? Gathering a couple of the neighborhood kids will entertain them and your own with these games:

Bowling With A Beach Ball

Use a tarp folded up long-wise and a few pool noodles to create a bowling lane in the backyard. Then gather some of those new aluminum Coca-Cola bottles and line them up like bowling pins. Get a blow-up beach ball and let the games begin!

Homemade Slip N' Slide

Create your own slip n’ slide with a tarp and the water hose for one of the best lawn games ever! The homemade version will much better than the store-bought version? Because two or three kids can slip n’ slide at the same time instead of taking turns!


Whether the kids are playing in out the backyard or if they have to come inside during those sporadic summer rains, this game is sure to relieve the boredom. Set it up in the backyard or in the garage, even the basement family room. The kids can team up against each other or against the adults.  Set up the goals opposite ends from each other, choose teams and get to rolling those discs! Loser has to take on the winner’s chores for the day!

A Scavenger Hunt

Split the kids up into two teams (boys versus girls is always a winner!) and give them a list of items to find in the house or the neighborhood. You can also include a few activities for them to do while they’re out scavenging the neighborhood, like taking pictures of each other at each find.

Build An Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course that fits the ability of each kid, taking into consideration their age and size. Have them wear their bathing suits while following the obstacle course, then leave the sprinklers on as they run the course. If you can include your neighbor’s lawn, that will make it bigger and more fun. Have each kid run the course three times, recording their time and whoever has the best improvement wins. This may be one of the best outdoor games that gets them exercising while having fun.

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