A Few More DIY Backyard Games For Summer Fun

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Are you excitedly planning that first BBQ cookout of the summer? Got the guest list and menu planned? Have you thought about how you’re going to entertain the kids while the adults are sitting around talking? We have a few more DIY backyard games to suggest for you. And there is a pretty good chance that some of the adults may join in.

Limbo – Old Fashioned and Still Fun

Everybody Limbo and see how low you can go! Most likely, kids will win this, but make it fun and challenge each other. Nothing fancy to buy here either – use your yard broom and 2 ladders. Play some type of festive, fun music that gets everybody in the dancing mood and have fun!

Rollors – An Award Winner In The Backyard Game Category

This active game has been around for a while, but still new to many and always fun for the experts. It is a combination of bocce all, bowling and horseshoes and is played with kit that consists of several wooden discs and a pyramid-shaped target. The goal is roll your discs so that lands as close to the pyramid without knocking it over. And if yours land faceup, more points for you!


Another fun lawn game that combines four square and volleyball to create fun that your guests won’t soon forget. The goal is to slap the palm-size ball on the net and bounce it back toward your opponent. They then try to control it and return it back on a bounce to you.

Kicking The Can

You’ve probably have seen old movies or television shows where kids are walking down the street, kicking a can as they go? Well, you can make a game of it this summer that kids are sure to enjoy. Take an old vegetable can, paint it a bright color and cap off the sharp edges so nobody gets hurt.

Place the can in the yard and choose somebody to be “it” and set an area to the side that will be the “jail”. The player that is chosen as “it” stands and counts to 50 and the other players go hide. When “it” reaches 50, he/she tries to find the other players and tag them while making sure they don’t kick the can. When “it” tags any player, they have to go to “jail” and must stay there until another play can kicks the can.  

Milk Jug Catch

Take two empty milk jugs or laundry soap jugs, cut the bottom off about an inch and paint them in bright colors. Then wad up some newspaper and cover it bright colored duct tape. Now have the kids (or adults) stand away from each other (you can adjust the distance based on the ages of the players) and toss the newspaper ball back and forth.

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