A Father's Wish List for Father's Day

a young man holding a baseball bat on a field

The role of today’s father has changed considerably compared to our own fathers.  They are no longer viewed as just as the breadwinner.  They are active participants of childrearing and take on more than our own father’s once did.  They change diapers, are part of the disciplinarian and can sometimes be the primary caregiver.  Father’s Day is a great way to say thank you but finding the perfect gift for him may be a bit of a challenge.  Here are a few suggested gifts that are perfect for father in your life:

  1. Man Crates.  Man Crates are like gift baskets for guys.  There are so many different types of crates to choose from and there is for sure one that is perfect your dad.  There is an exotic meats crates and crates that focus on beer or liquor.  There is even a zombie survival crate so that your dad is completely prepared for when zombies take over the world.  Complete with handbook survival guide, steel blade and spam.
  2. A Straight Razor Shave. So your dad’s ideal day may not include a treatment at the spa but a straight razor shave is definitely every man should try once in their life.  Chances are, the will fall in love with it and may start even booking them themselves. One of the best places to get this done is at a store called The Art of Shaving.  Schedule your dad for the Royal Shave and he will feel like a king after.
  3. If you have a father who likes to camp, tailgate or just enjoy barbequing outside, this game is a must.  It is a new yard game that combines Bocce and Horseshoes.  It is easy to play and can adjust to skill level depending on the age of the players.  It is compact and easy to pack away.  You can also play Rollors on any surface.  Whether it is grass, sand or cement, you can take it anywhere.  He will like it because it is a game that the whole family can play together.
  4. Portable Briefcase BBQ Grill. There is nothing more perfect than combining business with grilling.  This portable briefcase travel grill is perfect gift.  It looks sleek and you can break it out almost anywhere and grill up your favorite meats.  It is a charcoal grill and is perfect for cooking up a meal for two.  If your dad thinks he is the grill master, he will enjoy having this compact and easy to travel grill with so that he can prove his title anywhere he goes.
  5. DIY a gift. There is nothing that says that you really love someone like taking the time to make a gift for your dad.  Taking the time and effort into making something for the dad in your life truly shows how much you care for them and how much they mean to you.  But are you stuck on what to make?  Maybe you’re not that crafty?  Not to worry!  There are ton of easy crafts you can do, even for the most DIY-challenged. For great ideas for father’s day DIY gifts, check out this website here:  http://lilluna.com/30-fathers-day-gift-ideas/
  6. A Day at Home By Themselves. This gift is something I am sure that every Father really wants but would never ask for.  I’m sure they have fantasized about having a day at home where they didn’t have to do anything.  They could sit on the couch all day, catch up on Netflix or baseball while they raid the refrigerator and eat all the things their wife tells them not to touch.  So get everyone out of the house and say, “Dad, today is your day to do what you really want…nothing.”
  7. Billy Jealousy Beard Grooming Kit. Beards have been gaining popularity over the past couple years and if your Dad has hopped on this beard bandwagon than getting him a Belly Jealousy Beard Grooming Kit is a perfect gift.  This kit includes a beard brush, pocket mirror, mustache scissors, tweazers, combs, pocket and mustache combs as well as beard conditioner and shampoo.  It is everything they need to keep their facial hair in tip top grooming shape!
  8. Be Prepared-A Practical Handbook for New Dads by Gary Greenberg and Jeannie Hayden. Do you have a new father in your life?  This is a perfect gift for a new dad or a soon to be dad.  This manual of sorts gives great tips and is a great survival guide for fathers.  Fathers can learn how to change a diaper in a pack sports stadium and how to create a drawer full of decoy toys for their little ones. 
  9. Star Wars Gifts for your Geeky Dad. Is your dad a super Star Wars fan?  If so, there is nothing more that he would want but anything that is Star Wars theme related.  A bonus about having a father who is a Star Wars fan is that they will pretty much love anything you get them as long as it is related to Star Wars. Need to replace that old robe he won’t let go of?  Get him a Star Wars R2-D2 Adult Bathrobe.  Want dad to cook more often?  He will love the Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs with sounds and grill a feast for everyone with them!
  10. Sign him up for a class. If the dad in your life has been talking about learning more about how to hone in his photography skills or maybe he always wanted to learn woodworking, signing him up for a class is a perfect Father’s Day gift.  He will enjoy learning something new and it gives him the little push he needs to try something he always wanted to do.  It is always good for the soul to explore and rediscover. A new motivation in a new hobby can mean energy and excitement for other things as well. 
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