Quality Wood Games

Quality Wood GamesThere is something about a beautifully wood crafted game that makes it classic, elegant and even more fun to play. A beautiful wood game stands the test of time and is always in style. These games are a work of art. They not only look great but you can tell a lot of energy has been put into the craftsmanship of the game’s pieces. Not only are these great games to have, they make wonderful gifts for anyone. Here is our list of beautiful quality wood games to have in your own personal yard game inventory:

Ladder Golf. Ladder ball is a classic game, no doubt, but Ladder Golf takes its construction to the next level. It is made from solid hardwood and only uses the highest quality of materials. In comparison, many that make this type of game with plastic will break over time. Ladder Golf will never fall apart and will be able to stand the test of time. They use real golf balls to make their bolas and special brass inserts to fasten the ropes to the balls. This construction is sturdy and very well made.

Rollors. Not only is this a beautifully crafted game but it is also unique looking as well. This new game has lovely wooden disks and wooden goals on each end. They are kept nice and compact in its carrying case and are for sure to last for generations of family fun. What is wonderful about Rollors is that its inventor used his great idea and helped local veterans who were out of work use their wood working skills to create his game in their own home workshops. This helped many veterans get back on their feet. It is a beautiful beginning story to a just as beautiful game.

Kubb. You may not have heard of this game before but it has been around for quite a while. It has actually been played all the way back to the Viking Ages and while it may not be popular in America, it is pretty known throughout the world. Made out of 100% kiln dried birch hardwood, this beautiful wooden game requires lots of skill and strategy. The goal of this game is to knock over your opponent’s kubb blocks by tossing your dowels underhand. They use the dried birch hardwood as it is a shock resistant wood. This playset is beautiful in its simplicity and is the perfect game to be played on any surface by anyone of any age.

Giant Tumble Tower. Not only is this game a whole lot of fun to play, it is definitely eye-catching as it looks like a piece of art. It comes with 56 blocks that are used to stack over each other in a game of balance and skill. The goal is to stack them as high as you can before they topple over. This game is made out of pine wood that is kiln dried. Each block is precision cut and sanded, making their surface great for sliding the blocks against each other. The Hammer Crown logo is burned on the sides of seven of the wooden blocks giving it that nice classic look. They also offer customization by laser engraving a personal message or company logo of your choosing.


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