Best New “Bounce” Lawn Games

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Do you like a little bounce in your lawn games? You are in luck! There are some great new lawn games that have the bounce you are looking for and are a lot of fun to play. These games will get you moving but also require a bit of finesse and skill. Take these games to your next beach party or tailgate. These are not the lawn games your grandparents or even your parents grew up with playing. These games are way better!


The first game we want to introduce you to is called Spikeball. Their goal is to build the next great American sport. Well that’s a hefty goal! So what is Spikeball? It is a combination of the foursquare you use to play on the playground as kids combined with volleyball skills. You play with 4 players and the Spikeball set in the middle. Teams line up across from one another but when the ball is served players can move around anywhere they want. There are no sides or boundaries. The goal of the game is to hit the ball onto the net so that the opposing team cannot return it. Each team is allowed up to 3 touches per ball. The rally continues until someone is not able to return the ball properly. The first to 21 points wins!

There are a few other rules to remember. The defensive team cannot purposely get in the offensive teams way. When this happens it is called a Hinder requiring the point to be replayed. If a player accidently hits a shot off the net and it hits their own teammate or themselves than a point is lost. If a team member moves the Spikeball set and it affects the trajectory of the ball then this is also cause to lose a point.  


This game is most similar to bag toss but has a bounce element in it. Rampshot is a game played with 4 players with 2 people on each team. There are two ramps that are at opposing ends and 4 balls that come into play. Members of the same team stand on opposite ramps. There are 4 positions that are rotated between players. First is the Shooter. The goal of the shooter is to attempt to score points by getting the ball in the hole of the top of the ramp. The playmaker catches the ball by their teammate after the ball bounces off to top portion of the ramp should it not go into the hole. The stealer stands on the same side as the shooter and tries to catch any ball that bounces backwards off the ramp. The odd person out is not currently involved with the game as they wait for their turn to come in. Three out of the 4 players are involved in every toss.

You can score points a couple of ways: If the playmaker catches the ball off of the ramp tossed by the team mate than they earn an extra point. If the shooter tosses the ball directly into the goal than they earn 3 points. Should the stealer catch a thrown ball of the opposite team than they are awarded an extra toss. Teams much hit 15 points exactly.

Big Birdie Golf

If you are into golf and wish there was a way for you to turn it into a small condense lawn game so that you can take it anywhere, then you are in luck. Introducing Big Birdie Golf! Easy to learn and simple rules, this game can be played with a golf club or you can even play it with just a hand toss. The game is played by having two target nets on opposite sides. Each team takes 21 turns in either chipping or throwing the birdie into the target nets for points valuing 1 through 3. This game is easy to learn and can be played by all ages. Compact and easy to set up, you can play it on any surface and at any event. There isn’t much you can do as far as steals or strategies. You just need good skill and aim.

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