Top Beach Summer Games

This blog post is about thinking ahead. You know you are going to the beach this summer. You know you have the towels, sun tan lotion, snacks and chairs. Don't forget to purchase your beach games early, so you have time to practice before your next beach trip.


Of course Rollors is a must have, since you are on I won't even go into the details right now. You get the idea. Part bocce and part horseshoes.

Kan Jam

Just about everyone has a frisbee disk at the beach but with Kan Jam they've added two unique goals that players try to gets points from the ways the frisbee enters the kan. The game is similar to disc golf and is a great beach game for people of all ages. Also, Kan Jam is made entirely in the U.S. from premium materials. It's lightweight, easy to set up, and comprised of the most durable materials available.


Waboba is a ball that was designed for water, to bounce on water that is. It's a very unique ball that can be bounced off the water to the next player. As of recently, they've come out with some newer version of their balls that can be played on other types of surfaces. A must have for any day at the beach.

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