No Cheap Plastic Games Here

The last thing anyone wants to buy is a outdoor game that's only going to break after a couple games. Well, in this blog entry we're going to discuss some games that are going to stand up to time like my game of Rollors does.


Kubb can be described as a combination of cornhole (aka bag toss) and horseshoes. The object of the game is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons at them. It sounds simple but it's much more fun and challenging than what be described so far. Here's a quick summary of what the Kubb capital of the world in Eau Claire, Wisconsin says (which also host an annual National Championship): "Kubb is played on a rectangular pitch approximately 16 by 26 feet. The corner stakes are placed so that a rectangle. The center stakes are placed in the middle of the sidelines, which divides the pitch into two halves. No other markers are required to demarcate the field's boundaries, although some markings that do not interfere with game play are allowed. The king Kubb is placed upright in the center of the pitch, and the Kubbs are placed on the baselines (short edges of the rectangle), five kubbs on each side equidistant from each other. Kubbs starting the game on the baseline are referred to as base Kubbs. The baseline should run through the center of the Kubbs."


Giant Tumble Tower (aka Jenga)

Remember the childhood game of Jenga? Now think of it jumbo sizes! That's what Giant Tumble Tower is. It consists of 56 wooden blocks that form a tower. Each player pulls a block and stacks it on the top of the tower. This game really doesn't have a winner as much as it has a loser! A must have for any party this summer.

These are just a couple of the many games that can bring long lasting durability and friendly competition to your next backyard or beach get together. Check back soon for more games.

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