What are these games?

Outdoor games come in various shapes and sizes, most are fun, some are classics. Here are a couple odd ball games that I am sure you have never heard of.


What are these games?Another wood outdoor tossing game based on the classic Scandinavian lawn games Kubb and Molkky. The game, created by Seattle native Santtu Winter, consists of 13 numbered pins and one tossing log. There are many different ways to play Palikka, but in the most popular game players race to exactly 50 points. Points are scored by knocking the numbered pins over with the tossing log. If a player knocks over only one pin, they score as many points as the number on the pin. If a player knocks over more than one pin, they score as many points as the number of pins that are knocked over. Knocked over pins are set upright where they land, resulting in a constantly changing playing field.

“I like how the game brings people together and let’s players hang out while being active. There’s a good rhythm to the game where you can catch up with friends while it’s not your turn,” says Winter, who came up with the idea for the game after being introduced to the Finnish tossing game Molkky.


What are these games?MPH stands for My Pole-ish Horseshoe. MPH is a competitive outdoor Frisbee game for people of all ages that combines skill and endurance as players defend their post from opposing teams. MPH offers players a game of simple scoring, skillful catching, accurate throwing and team defense that will provide friends and family with hours of fun and competition! The object of the game is to score points by throwing a Frisbee at the opponent’s pole and knocking the wiffle ball off its perch. The first team to get 21 points wins the game!

 “Outdoor games are a great way for friends and family to interact with each other,” said Alan Casucci, president & CEO of My Pole-ish Horseshoes. “MPH adds excitement and allows friends and family to enjoy the outdoors while getting some exercise at the same time. MPH can also be played indoor doing the colder months,” added Casucci.

Now go have some fun with these outdoor games!

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